History of the English Bible Seminar with
Dr. David L. Brown Ph.D

April 29-30, 2017
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Meeting in the Westgate Foundation Buildings, Main Road
(next to oriel House Hotel), Ballincollig, Cork
Don't miss this upcoming seminar on the History of the English Bible at 6pm on Saturday April 29th, 2017 at the Westgate Foundation in Ballincollig. Dr. David L. Brown, pastor of First Baptist Church of Oak Creek, Wisconsin, will be speaking about the history of the english Bible and will also have many historical artefacts available for viewing. This free event is hosted by Bible Baptist of Ballincollig.

Dr. David L. Brown
is the President of The King James Bible Research Council, who's purpose of is to promote the King James Bible and other Traditional Text translations around the world. He pastors First Baptist Church of Oak Creek, Wisconsin in America. Dr. Brown will provide helpful instruction on the Bible that will strengthen your faith and trust in God's word.
Come as much as you can!

Saturday, April 29, 6pm
Sunday, April 30, 10.30am
Sunday, April 30, 6pm

All of the meetings will be recorded and are available for download below!

Preaching Schedule for the Bible Seminar with Dr. David L. Brown
(Click on each link to listen to the seminar!)
April  29    Sat    6pm           How We Got Our King James Bible
April  30    Sun   10:30am    Things That are Different are Not the Same
April  30    Sun   6pm           Understanding Inspiration, Preservation & Translation
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Dr. Brown will also bring along several historical Bible artefacts from his large personal collection for viewing at the seminars.

o   Cuneiform Tablet

o   Before 561 A.D. Cathach of St. Columba (facsimile)

o   C.740’s A.D. Book of Kells (facsimile)

o   10th Century Greek Lexionary

o   1400’s Hebrew Scroll of Genesis

o   10 Commandments Hebrew Scroll

o   Wycliffe Bible Page 1400’s

o   Greek N.T. Fragments

o   1536 Tyndale NT Leaf

o   1535 Coverdale NT leaf

o   1549 Stephanus Greek New Testament

o   1633 Elzivar T.R. New Testament (First one to be called Textus Receptus)

o   1551 Matthew’s “Wife Beaters” Bible

o   1560 Early “Breeches Bible” – Geneva Bible

o   1539 Leaf from The Great Bible

o   1568 Leaf from Bishops Bible

o   1611 Leaf from King James Bible

o   1612 First hand held King James “He” Bible

o   Herodian Oil Lamp

o   Various New Testament Coins & artefacts

Hosted by Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland
Meeting in the Westgate Foundation Buildings, next to the Oriel House Hotel in Ballincollig
Contact: Pastor Craig Ledbetter, 021-4871234  or email us if you have any questions!