Which Bible is the Word of God

The Bible Version Debate 

For the Christian, THIS is the battle-ground that must be fought! Before the imagination can be conquered; before sins can be confidently mortified, the authority of the Scriptures both IN and OVER the life of the believer must established beyond ANY doubt. Because, the devil's FIRST line of attack, is at our foundation, which is the word of Almighty God!

bullet 2011 marks the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible -
read about the celebration
bulletIs there really any difference between the various bibles?
bulletIs the King James Bible "Inspired"?
bulletThe Translators of the King James Bible
bulletHistorical Resources on King James I
bulletHard Words in the N.I.V.
bulletDoctrine IS Affected by the New Versions - READ IT!
bulletSome Multiple Choice Questions for People Who Believe in just ANY Version of the Bible
bulletIs it Hard to Be Saved using an NIV?
bulletSome Serious Questions for users of the New bibles
bulletSodomites were part of the actual NIV translation team
bulletWhat about the New King James Version?
bulletA Comparison Between the Written Word (Bible) and the Living Word (Jesus)
bulletThe Greek Septuagint
bulletIs the Bible Version Issue Worth Fighting About?
bulletThe Context Determines the Meaning!
bulletAren't there differences between all the editions of the King James Version? (see also this article)
bulletWhat About 1 John 5:7? Should it be part of the Bible?
bulletList of Translations of portions of the Scriptures into English
bulletWhat's Been Changed in all the New Versions?
bulletWhat about all the folks before 1611?
bulletWhat About Other Languages - i.e., French, Spanish, German?
bulletHow Do I Find Out More Information?


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