Victory Youth Camp 2022

Making History

July 18-23, 2022

Victory Youth Camp 2022 Permission Form

This form must be filled in by the Parent/Gardian.


Victory Youth Camp provides a Godly, safe, and moral atmosphere for our youth

What to Bring
Clothes for five days, and an extra set for good measure • Two pairs of running shoes • Sleeping bag (or sheets & blanket) and a pillow • Torch/Flashlight (check to make sure the batteries are good) • Insect repellant • Soap and shampoo • Deodorant • Toothbrush and toothpaste • Cutoffs or swimming togs for swimming (boys) • Shower shoes / Flip-flops • Notebook • Pen or pencil • Your BIBLE • Money for  snack shop • Towels and washcloths • A good attitude!
Registration Form
This registration form must be completed and submitted preferrably before arrival at camp along with the registration fee. Any remaining camp fee will be due upon arrival unless otherwise agreed with the Victory Youth Camp Director ahead of time. The registration fee is non-refundable.


Parent/Guardian’s Full Name & Address (PLEASE WRITE CLEARLY)

FULL NAME  _______________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS      _______________________________________________________________________


CITY ______________________________ COUNTY _________________ POST CODE __________________

My Relationship to the child(ren): __________________

Email: _____________________________________      Phone No:___________________________________

Mobile: ____________________________________

Name of the Church We Attend: ______________________________________________________________


My Children’s Names                                              Age       Gender Birth-date


________________________________________   ____      ____      _____________


________________________________________   ____      ____      _____________


________________________________________   ____      ____      _____________


________________________________________   ____      ____      _____________


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Do your children have any medical conditions we should know about?








Please initial ALL of the following boxes provided (not a tick mark).

If you do not agree to all three conditions, your child may not be allowed to attend this Camp.

[______]  My child(ren) have my permission to attend the 2022 Youth Camp being held at Drewstown House, Fordstown, Navan. Co. Meath C15 ND96

[______]  The Camp Director (Pastor Craig Ledbetter), has my permission to take my child(ren) to the local surgery, or the Hospital if the need arises. If medical attention is required, the Camp will make every attempt to contact you.

[______]  I understand that if the camp has any major problem with my children, I will take full responsibility, and if called to come pick them up, will do so.


All Campers Code of Conduct

NO alcoholic beverages, tobacco in any form, radios, mp3, Ipads, tablets, CD players, video games, knives, skateboards, fireworks, nonprescription drugs, pets, or weapons of any kind. No physical contact allowed between male and female campers. Male and female campers are not allowed to be alone together at any time. No gothic dress or makeup. Both guys and girls will need runners for the game time.

Ladies' Code of Conduct
Modest clothing is to be worn. No walking shorts. Modest loose-fitting tops or blouses. No sleeveless tops. No jam shorts. Please, No modern or faddish style clothing. Swimming is gender separate, but all ladies must still be covered from the shoulders to the knee during swim time.
No piercings outside of the earlobe can have jewelry in them.

Gentlemen's Code of Conduct
No see-through or mesh-like shirts. No shirts with questionable pictures or emblems. No sleeveless shirts. No “skinny” jeans. Just bring normal jeans, wind pants, and casual pants. No modern or faddish style clothing. No sagging pants. Swimming is gender separate, but all gentlemen must be covered from the shoulders to the knee during swim time. Men will not be allowed to wear earrings or necklaces. No piercings can have jewelry in them.


Do you agree to the above code of condct and clothing for your children?  Yes [____] (insert your initials)


I hereby acknowledge that the above information is true,


Parent or Guardian’s Name (Please print)





_____________________________    _____________

Your Signature                                     Today's Date


Please post this form along with the €30 deposit per child to the following address:

Victory Youth Camp Director

Bible Baptist Church

Unit B, Enterprise Park ♦ Innishmore, Ballincollig, Cork

Contact Info:

Tel: +353-21-4871234  ♦  Mobile: 087-2766764 ♦   ♦

Terms And Conditions
Victory Youth Camp (VYC) is open to children and teenagers between the ages of 7 to 18. VYC reserves the right to make date/venue changes if necessary. VYC will operate to the highest safety standards. In consideration of the acceptance of above named student(s) in VYC, the applicant's parent/guardian agrees that VYC and / or their volunteers will not be held responsible for any accidents or loss of personal property, however caused. Any participant whose conduct is deemed by the VYC director to be detrimental to the best interest of the programme will be dismissed from the Camp, and sent home - possibly requiring the parents to come and pick them up from the Camp. VYC reserve the right to modify or delete any scheduled activity in the event of unforeseen circumstances. By signing the above form, permission is granted to seek medical treatment in the event of an accident, if deemed absolutely necessary, and their parents/guardian will be immediately contacted.  Photographs/Videos may be taken for promotional use. If your child or teen has any food allergies, please inform the Camp.