Learning the Life Lessons of Solomon - Wisae Guys Aren't Always Smart!

Studying the life of
Solomon in the Bible

July 14-19, 2014
Youth Camp Preaching

MONDAY – Introduction - Focus verse: Job 32:9


Preaching          Introducing Solomon                                   Craig Ledbetter


TUESDAY – Finding Wisdom - Focus verse: 2 Timothy 3:15


Preaching          Preparing Your Heart                                  Carey Hendricks

Preaching          The Need for WISDOM                             Dan Eberly


WEDNESDAY – Strong Wisdom - Focus Verse: Proverbs 24:5


Preaching          How to Be the Most Popular                       Kevin O’Keeffe                                                                   

Preaching          The World Needs Wise Men                       Craig Ledbetter


THURSDAY – Wrong Wisdom - Focus Verse: Ecclesiastes 2:11


Preaching          Wrong Loves                                                Barry Keating                                    

Preaching          The Cross is Greater                                    Graham Daly


FRIDAY – The Best Wisdom - Focus Verse: Matthew 12:42


Preaching          How Solomon Ruined His Life                     Andrew Day