Words and Music by John Mahony and Daniel Pero

Listen to the Song!

Young David was a shepherd,
Was humble, that's for sure.
God chose him then to be a king
Because his heart was pure.
He took his father's orders,
God's blessing was his plan.
And when his battles came along
His victory was grand.

Dare to be a David
Have the heart of a king

Dare to be a vessel pure
To stand and fight and win!

Verse 2:
Goliath was a problem...
A 9-foot one, for sure!
But David was a soldier,
Who stood upon God's Word.
His weapon was his faith in God
He did not have a sword.
But giants fall...when WE are small
And trusting in the Lord!

Verse 3:
Jonathan saw David's faith;
It made him love him more.
And David chose him as a friend
Because he loved the Lord.
To him a friend was holy,
Who did not play with sin.
Young Jonathan was just that man...
The kind of friend for a king!

Verse 4:
Sometimes we face the battles
Sometimes we fall in shame.
But getting right by God's great might
We'll stand to fight again!
If walking in God's armour,
Our fighting will be small.
Depending on the Word of God
We'll watch our "giants" fall!!!