Welcome to God's School of Peculiarity!
Youth Camp 2007

A most peculiar school!

 You are now entering a place that will make you a “fool for Christ.” The world, your friends, and even your family may be surprised at the changes that the Lord Jesus will begin in your heart and life this week! Many will think the things we learn and do this week as Christians are foolish – but that is ok, because Jesus has always seemed just a bit different than this world.

So, as you learn about a man named Solomon, learn not just from his wisdom, but also from his mistakes, and you will truly become wiser than Solomon, and even smarter than all your friends put together, all because you decide to do things the way Jesus did, and say things that Jesus would say, and thereby earn the highest title of, “A Fool for Christ!”

But it all begins with a desire to be wise, and not just go along with the world, but rather, follow Jesus, who is all wise, and all worthy of our lives.