To Follow Jesus and Live the Christian Life

Christianity is All About Following Jesus

Luke 9:23


I.         Review


A.      Heart Problems are THE problem in life (Jer 17:9)

B.       The Christian Life is a New Life (2Cor 5:17)

C.       The Fear of God is Good (Job 28:28)

D.      Getting Forgiven is Top Priority (Psalm 32:1)


II.       Introduction (Luke 9:23) – To Follow Jesus – to Live the Christian Life


A.      And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.

B.       People follow people

C.       When we were young, we followed our parents

D.      Then we followed our friends

E.       Later we followed the lives of musicians and movie stars

F.       Then we followed wherever the money was

G.       Then we follow our wives

H.      And then, we follow the weather – wherever it is warm!

I.         But in all of life, there is Someone that is leading through the storms and troubles of life, waiting for us to spot Him like a lighthouse, and follow His leading – follow His teaching

J.        That is what it means to be a Christian

K.      To follow the teachings of Buddha will make you a Buddhist

L.       To follow the teachings of Mohammed will make you a Moslem

M.     To follow the teachings of Karl Marx will make you a Communist

N.      To follow the teachings of Charles Darwin will make you an idiot!

O.      And to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ will make you a Christian

P.       I want to help you set your life like a ship to follow the life of the Saviour from Galilee named Jesus


III.     Preview – How to Follow Jesus – To Follow Jesus Means Three Things:


A.      To Believe on Jesus

B.       To Walk With Jesus

C.       To One Day, Be Forever With Jesus


IV.    Message - To Follow Jesus Means…


A.      To Believe on Jesus – Starts Here (Acts 16:30,31)


1.        Going to church is great

2.        Reading the Bible is great

3.        But unless you start believing with all your heart that Jesus died for YOU, and took YOUR place on the cross, it will all be in vain


B.       To Walk With Jesus – not get ahead of Him, or lag behind!


1.        Learn of Him (Matthew 4:13-16) – like a new player from a coach

2.        Listen to Him (Matthew 4:17) – from God’s word the Bible 

3.        Let him Change You (Matthew 4:18,19)

4.        Leave Some Things Behind (Matthew 4:20). Follow Him with others – get with a right crowd – they will help you!

5.        Lean On Him (Matthew 8:1-3, 5-8, 13) – that’s what people did all throughout the rest of the Gospels#


a.        Being born again is not a one time event that you forget about and go on with life

b.       Salvation is learning that Jesus is there for you to lean up through every day and every trial of life


6.        Love Him (John 13:23; 14:15) – the greatest and most important commandment!


C.       To One Day, Be Forever With Jesus (John 14:3)


V.      Conclusion - To Follow Jesus Means Three Things:


A.      Do You Believe on Jesus?

B.       Are You Walking With Jesus?

C.       Are You Able to Confidently say you will one day, be Forever With Jesus?

D.      It is what HE wants! But the decision is yours… make it tonight!

E.       Psalm 51:10


Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig