Target the Heart
A Teen Meeting Extraordinaire! and YOU are Invited!

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An All-Around Great Time and Blast for young people 13 to 18 years old!
Space is limited, so come early!

Monday – Friday 14th – 18th August
7.00 – 9.00pm Every Evening
At the Ballincollig Gym Club
Next to Curves, Link Road Business Park, Ballincollig

Helping Teens know the God who knows the answers to modern life and its troubles! Like…
Fixing Adult Problems in Young Lives
Helping Young People Get Back On-Track
Finding the God who’s been looking for them
Fighting the Real Enemy for once
Learning How to Forgive people all the way

Incredible Games and Activities Like…
Titanic Tug-o-War
Indoor Soccer Match
Deadly Dodge-Ball
Gladiator-Style Sports
Incredible Obstacle Courses
20ft Ice Cream Sundae
And loads more stuff than you can imagine!

Come any day, but come
EVERY day for the best time ever!

Only 5 euro per evening!

Anyone 13 - 18 years of age

(it's a teen meeting ok?)

A Great Time
Great Food
Great Help
Great Fellowship
A Great Change

Because everyone needs some solid answers and helps with life these days – don’t be shy about having fun while learning to follow Jesus and be what He designed you to be – the Best!

We reserve the right to refuse admission to troublesome teenagers - so be good!

Contact Information:
Craig Ledbetter Mob: 087-2766764
Sponsored by Bible Baptist Church Ballincollig
Post: Unit B, Enterprise Park, Innishmore, Ballincollig, Cork 

Weirdness will be tolerated

Great Sports and Fun!

Great Attitudes

Singing like you've never heard!


Where to Come for all this?

Monday – Friday 14th – 18th August
7.00 – 9.00pm Every Evening
At the Ballincollig Gym Club
Next to Curves, in the Link Road Business Park, Ballincollig
It's only 5 euros per person, each evening!


Who We Are

The Bible Baptist Youth Group are a dedicated group of young people who have decided to love life, and live it sensibly and spiritually according to the teachings of Jesus Christ as presented in the Bible. Sounds rough, but it really isn't! We want to grow up, not end up in prison, pregnant, or in a grave somewhere simply because we were following our hormones instead of God. We didn't make our commitment to Jesus lightly - it came through looking at the facts of life from not only our own viewpoint, but also from God's. And we found life - real life - in the living God named Jesus Christ the Messiah!

Want to know some of the facts that make the difference even in teen lives? Come along and see for yourself! It's a cool group, and you'd only make it better!