Forgiveness and Second Chances

Forgiveness is Top Priority

Mark 2:1-10

I.         Review


A.      Heart Problems are THE problem in life (Jer 17:9)

B.       The Christian Life is a New Life (2Cor 5:17)

C.       The Fear of God is Good (Job 28:28)


II.       Introduction (Psalm 32:1) – The Blessing of Forgiveness


A.      To withhold forgiveness is the most hurtful thing you can do

B.       It is hurtful to both the person hurt, and the one who is doing the hurting

C.       More damage has been done by people who hold a grudge than all the wars in history

D.      People hurt people – and hurting people just hurt more people

E.       But the vicious cycle of revenge finally ended, 2,000 years ago when an innocent Man, the Perfect Man, died for all the hurt, and for all the damage done by people throughout all time – that Man was Jesus, and He paid off every hurt, and every sin done by every person throughout time – so that people could be forgiven, and could forgive!

F.       Yet grudges continue, and the vicious cycle just goes on and on

G.       This is THE most incredible message of the Bible – that forgiveness is finally possible – to absolutely ANYONE, no matter what they have done, and it is possible for anyone to forgive – no matter what has happened to them!

H.      That’s why Jesus came – full stop! So that our sins could be covered


III.     Preview – Forgiveness is Top Priority


A.      What is Forgiveness?

B.       Jesus Proves What is our most Pressing Need

C.       How to get OUR Debts to God Paid Off

D.      How to Live A Second Chance Life


IV.    Message - Forgiveness and Finding Second Chances


A.      What is Forgiveness?


1.        It is the removal of a criminal record – blotting out

2.        The paying off of what someone else owes you


a.        That’s why sins are called “debts” (Matthew 6:12)

b.       Forgiveness is not simply overlooking something, or just forgetting about a crime, a sin

c.        It is the paying for the crime against you out of your own pocket! At your own expense!


3.        That’s just what Jesus did when he died (Luke 23:34)


B.       Jesus Proves What is our most Pressing Need (Mark 2:1-10)


1.        A Crippled Man is Brought to Jesus


a.        Desperate – no one else to turn to

b.       Determined – not going to let anything stop him

c.        Thought his biggest need was a physical need


2.        Jesus Fixes that man’s Biggest Problem


a.        Jesus forgives the man’s sins

b.       Everyone fully expected Jesus to heal the man, but not FORGIVE him!

c.        It was JUST as IMPOSSIBLE to heal this man as it was to forgive him – right?

d.       It was MORE important to forgive this man his sin that to fix all his problems

e.        You can have all your life’s problems fixed, and removed, and you still will die and end up in a devil’s hell

f.         Forgiving this man’s sins, FIXED his relationship with God
Isa 59:2  But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.


3.        That Crippled Man’s Problem was Our Biggest Problem


a.        We think it is lack of money, lack of friends, no good looks, bad health, fighting home

b.       Jesus shows us that our problem – our ONE BIG problem is


1)       Sin – lots of it – our guilt kills us until we bury it – the more we bury it, the harder we get too!

2)       Separation from God – He is angry, and rightly so

3)       Certain doom - hell


C.       How to get OUR Debts to God Paid Off


1.        Try and pay it off Ourselves – we are not good enough – have to be perfect

2.        Or, Accept Payment in Full by Jesus on the cross


a.        Quit trying to pay it off yourself

b.       Just ask for the free gift at His expense (Acts 13:38,39)


D.      How to Live A Second Chance Life


1.        Live it Differently than Before – you really can have a Second Chance at living

2.        Forgive others (Col 3:13)

3.        Live for God and for others – living selfishly got you into trouble
Live for the One who paid for your second chance at life


V.      Conclusion – Forgiveness Really IS the Top Priority


A.      Forgiveness is paying off what someone owes you – forgiving a debt

B.       Jesus Proved What is our most Pressing Need – forgiveness from God

C.       How to get YOUR Debts to God Paid Off – by accepting the free gift of His payment on the cross for your sins

D.      Start Living a Second Chance Life


Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig