Anniversary Sunday and Baptism 8th June, 2003

Blarney, Co. Cork

Below are a few pictures of the many blessings we experienced on our 9th Anniversary as a Bible Believing, Sin-Hating, God Loving, Sinner-Seeking Baptist Church in Blarney, Co. Cork, Ireland!

Marlene and Paul just before the meeting began

Weston, WITH A TIE ON! Miracles still happen!

Celine sure is a blessing!

The church was filled to absolute capacity - by the time church started, there was not one chair empty in the entire building!

The whole church gave Pastor Craig and Nita a gift of appreciation for 9 years!

Betsy collecting money - I always wondered what her middle name was - could it be Judasina? No!

Now for some heavenly singing!

More music  from the men!

Sunday School - what a time in God's word!

Pastor Craig just getting started!

Now for the meal!

John is finally happy! Full belly!

Weston! Don't do it!

Happy anniversary Bible Baptist!

Blow out them candles, Austin!

The folks from Mallow were present and such a blessing to everyone!

Cutting the cake! Not a crumb was left behind!

Some happy folks that day!

Now to the river!

First up for testimony was Pat!

And then each person gave their testimony - including Lee who gave it in both Irish, and English!

Notice the TG4 television camera!

Pat S - before

Pat S. - after!

Martin helped Pastor Craig baptize! Here is Tony coming up out of the water!

Here comes Cornell!



Marlene! What a testimony!


Well, now you know what you missed! We had the best day ever! God is just too good to us, and we know we never will deserve it - but we sure do yearn to please Him in all we do!